Delivering the Commonwealth Games Setting Birmingham up for the win

Birmingham Transport Networks

Birmingham’s place in the heart of the country puts it in prime position to reap the benefits of a successful Commonwealth Games, but also generate a ripple effect that is about more than the Games themselves. It is not just about getting Birmingham ready in time. The regenerative and legacy benefits of the Games will need to extend long after the Closing Ceremony. Careful planning and prioritising for impact will be crucial from the very start.

Benefits Realisation

How can Birmingham realise the full benefits of the Commonwealth Games beyond 2022?

In the two years after the 2012 London Olympics, the UK economy enjoyed a £14.2bn injection of sales and investment from trade and industry, with the economic impact estimated to reach £28-£41bn by 2020. Birmingham’s location at the heart of the country puts it in prime position to reap the benefits of a successful Games. However, the long-term impact can only be realised if Birmingham plans to prioritise activities that will realise legacy benefits from the very outset.

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Getting Birmingham ready to deliver in 2022

Birmingham's race to the Commonwealth prize

We can’t underestimate how much needs to be done in the run-up to 2022 but, with its regeneration plans and transport improvements, Birmingham is already well placed to deliver a successful event. The city now has the foundations on which to build a Commonwealth Games’ legacy that could benefit more people than ever before.

Fuelling a sporting community

How can sporting events improve quality of life and capture the imagination of communities?

Arcadis is proud to be participating in a series of events around the country that capture the imagination of communities, boost local economies and improve quality of life for all. For the second year running Arcadis will take to the streets by running, cheering or volunteering in a number of regional runs, including in Birmingham, that all help to make Britain’s cities healthier, happier and more prosperous.

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Addressing the skills crisis

How can Birmingham ensure the right skills at the right capacity to deliver the Commonwealth Games?

The ever-increasing need for scarce labour resources poses a real problem. However, the issue is about more than just volume. This is about finding the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

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Delivering our nations Infrastructure Pipeline

With £500billion of infra projects in the pipeline and a lack of skills to deliver, how can the Commonwealth Games compete?

Without taking the Commonwealth Games in to consideration, the UK construction industry will need to build at a rate of over £95,000 every single minute for the next decade to come close to meeting national infrastructure ambitions. This will mean more than doubling the historic peak rate of delivery, and will require a major step- change in how we plan and deliver construction in the UK.

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Delivering a robust transport network

Getting Birmingham’s transport network fit for the Commonwealth Games and beyond

Getting Birmingham’s transport network fit for the Commonwealth Games and beyondBirmingham is on the brink of a transport revolution. It is a city whose very identity has been shaped by the various modes of transport that have, throughout history, been designed to help people get into and around the region. From Spaghetti Junction to a canal-network that could rival Venice, and now more recently the expansion of Birmingham International Airport and the imminent arrival of HS2, Birmingham’s mobility network has long been evolving to meet the needs of its people. However, there is now an imminent deadline for major improvements that need to be part of the larger scheme.

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