Edinburgh's core mobility objective is to have a cleaner, safer, more inclusive and accessible transport system delivering a healthier, thriving and fairer capital city, and a higher quality of life for its citizens.

It is a city aiming to outperform in decarbonization through mobility innovation.

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High modal share of bus use driven by satisfaction levels.

Plans for a new cycle hire scheme in 2018 to increase use of bicycle journeys from 3% in 2015 to 15% in 2020.

Edinburgh accounts for more than 23% (489) of all Electric Vehicles in Scotland.

Population growth (12% between 2006 - 2016) puts pressure on network capacity.

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UK government wants driverless cars to be in commercial use by 2021.

Around 12 different trials have been run in the UK over the past three years.

No policies at the country and local levels to incentivize CAV.

One of four Scottish cities implementing a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) by 2020.

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Fibre internet access to at least 95% of premises throughout Scotland.

The City Electric Vehicle Action Plan plans three strategic EV charging hubs.

Aims to become the data capital of Europe.

21% of buses in Edinburgh are hybrid and low emission vehicles.

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