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COVID-19 Recovery: Five considerations for reopening the education estate

As the UK government progresses with its COVID-19 recovery strategy, detailed plans for all children and young people to return to full-time education from September have now been unveiled. However, with strict measures in place to reduce the risk of transmission, what exactly do our schools, colleges and universities need to do to ensure their buildings are safe for pupils, staff, and visitors alike, and conform to new guidelines?

We have been looking at how educational estates can reopen and what steps need to be taken to ensure safety. This will differ according to each institution, and while the reduction in social distancing requirements will help from a space perspective, more stringent requirements will still need to be met. 

We have mapped out five steps that are common across all schools, colleges, academies, universities and Trusts. 

From statutory obligations, to cleanliness, space management, operational management and physical interventions, these steps provide a framework that will ensure a safe re-opening. Crucially these steps will also help in planning beyond September, highlighting how strategies may need to change and evolve over the medium and longer term. 

Download our latest report, ‘Re-Educating: Five considerations for the education estate’, to read the Five Steps in detail and find out more. 


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Five considerations for reopening the education estate

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