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How to make fast strategic and long-term decisions in a rapidly changing environment

In a global market, manufacturers need to ensure they take the right steps to remain competitive and at the forefront of industrial and frontier technology developments. Investment decisions need to bridge the gap between today’s requirements and relevance in an uncertain, but radically different future. With manufacturers needing to differentiate to stand out, what are the key challenges and how can you best position for success?

Future of Manufacturing

Identifying the underlying issues facing manufacturers will help to drive decisions in today’s high velocity environment.

The pace of change

The British manufacturing industry has shrunk by almost 600,000 jobs in the last decade, leaving just 2.7 million workers employed in an area that accounts for 10% of GDP. Yet there is significant potential for growth. With the launch of the new Industrial Strategy, the Government has outlined a major commitment to boosting UK productivity, and manufacturing is set to play a leading role. Things could be changing fast.

However, many challenges remain. In the face of ongoing economic uncertainty, increasing digital innovation and process automation, and the need to meet the expectations of a very different future workforce, manufacturers need to maintain a long-term outlook. 

Ultimately, companies need to invest time now to balance these competing demands and adapt to ensure they are well-positioned for the future.

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Future of Manufacturing

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