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PropTech - Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

The property industry is ripe for disruption. This could be through better use of big data and analytics to help reimagine the workplace of the future. It could be to help speed-up the house buying and selling process. Or it could be embracing smart contracting through blockchain technology. The rapid speed of digital technology is transforming the real estate and property management market for the better.

Edel Christie

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“PropTech will be the defining feature of the real estate industry into the next decade and beyond.”

What is PropTech?

It's not just another buzzword. Property technology is changing how we experience the world; whether in the workplace, the home, our schools or the high street. But as one of the biggest gamechangers the industry has seen in years, what exactly does PropTech mean?

PropTech comprises digital solutions that help to create smart buildings and make transactions quicker, more transparent and better value for money. Crucially, it will transform the customer experience for the better.

How will it reshape your business?

Digital transformation is driving changes in technology and culture, and nowhere is this more apparent than in today’s industry. PropTech can be realised in many different forms. From automated smart homes and buildings to the shared economy and rise in real estate FinTech.

It's how we plan, construct and operate to how we interact with our homes, offices and schools. PropTech will become increasingly integral to every aspect of our sector.

To learn more about PropTech, read our latest insight, PropTech: The New Disruptor. In partnership with Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, it takes a deep dive into one of the biggest game changers of the decade in the real estate industry. We also explore how new technologies, such as virtual reality, are being used to gain support for project plans.

Arcadis and Saïd Business School

Arcadis is part of the Oxford Future of Real Estate Initiative at Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. The initiative was set up by Professor Andrew Baum, author of the ground-breaking Proptech 3.0 report which researches and predicts the changes faced by the property industry over the next decade.

The initiative brings together academics and industry experts from world-leading property businesses. The goal is to understand the drivers of change that are influencing the real estate industry. With a focus on technology and innovation, the initiative will run for four years. The aim will be to deliver research designed to inform the real estate community and ignite debate on the future of the industry.

Edel Christie, Managing Director – Buildings, Arcadis:

“ Through thought provoking research, the Oxford Future of Real Estate Initiative will allow us to stay ahead of the curve and collaborate with new players in the market. This will help create products that improve everyday quality of life for our clients and their customers all around the UK.”

The first report from the Oxford Future of Real Estate Initiative is entitled The Future of Real Estate Transactions. With real estate technology developing, from property passports and Artificial Intelligence based valuations to virtual reality viewings and smart buildings. The way we buy and sell property will be transformed. This will have profound consequences for the real estate industry, businesses and property owners.

The report explores what these new technologies look like and why we can’t use them now. It also predicts how long it will be before we can purchase property in a nanosecond.

PropTech is the future of real estate.

Find out more about what PropTech means for our clients and our business via the download link below.  

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Edel Christie

Managing Director, Buildings Ask me a question

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PropTech is the new disruptor.

How will it reshape your business?

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