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UK: Land of Opportunity – how smart investment can help weather the post-Brexit storm

The UK has long been considered a safe haven for business. Strong economic performance and record levels of employment are underpinned by well-functioning markets, a stable regulatory system, top-tier innovation and a sense of vibrant business dynamism. Despite Brexit uncertainty casting a shadow, the UK remains the destination of choice for investors looking for strong returns and for companies looking to develop their business.

Peter Hogg

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UK Land of Opportunities

'The UK is open for business'

Where to invest right now? 

From housing to the high street, the UK is home to innumerable investment opportunities. A cyclical investment strategy focused on key assets – from infrastructure to housing and retail - across our UK cities and regions offers the potential for robust returns, particularly where investors are willing to diversify or explore new avenues. This could range from developing high density housing along major transport corridors to reconfiguring retail centres or refurbishing office space, but the key will be looking at how and where to best access these multiple new investment prospects. 

At the same time, many sectors offer exciting opportunities to take advantage of new technologies and digital innovations. With the growth of EV charging, integration of new mobility solutions and the emergence of a 5G-driven smart cities agenda, developers will be increasingly challenged to futureproof their investments. 

Beyond Brexit

With multiple investment opportunities on the cards, developers, local authorities and the public sector will need to consider how best to position themselves to succeed in a global market. Focusing on just a few crucial areas will be key to increasing attractiveness and ultimately securing investment across all our UK cities and regions. 

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Peter Hogg

UK Cities Director Ask me a question
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