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UK becoming an increasingly attractive prospect for infrastructure investment

Despite lingering difficulties over prolonged decision making, major infrastructure commitments see the UK jump to ninth place in Arcadis Global Infrastructure Investment Index.

Chris Pike

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“Major new schemes such as HS3 and Crossrail 2 open up opportunities to investors”

The stable and relatively low-risk nature of the UK’s business environment, coupled with the government’s renewed commitment to major infrastructure have seen the country jump four places since 2012 in the Arcadis Global Infrastructure Investment Index. 

The government has made some bold commitments to improve national infrastructure in recent years. New roads and high quality rail links hold big potential for the UK’s national and regional economies, with the likes of HS2, Crossrail 2 and the newly-announced HS3 all set to open up considerable opportunities. This adds up to make the UK a very attractive option for those looking to invest.

What next for UK infrastructure?

Despite the welcome move to establish the National Infrastructure Commission, tasked at removing infrastructure from party politics, the prolonged and politicised decision-making remains something of a barrier. On a local level, too, question marks still exist as to whether the local authorities will have the ability to take the ambitious plans through to fruition effectively.

That said, regardless of the political issues afoot, the UK remains very much a leading market for those eyeing infrastructure investment.

Discover the UK findings from the 2016 Global Infrastructure Investment Index below.


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Chris Pike

UK Sector Lead for Rail +44 203 0149027 Ask me a question

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