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Devolution, Collaboration and Intervention: How London can maintain and increase its leading global position

Sustainable Cities Index 2015

Mark Prior

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London: the second most sustainable city in the world

London does very well in our Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index, ranking second on the overall Index and beaten only by Frankfurt. However, it is in danger of becoming a victim of its own success.  

The report shows that London is a vibrant, successful city, but investment in infrastructure and housing will be essential for it to maintain its competitive position.  The scale of the technical and funding challenge is unique,  calling for news ways of working. Collaboration between the public and private sector must create business cases that will leverage the skills, innovation and funding required to stimulate regeneration and growth. 

"Whilst we should take pride in London’s ranking, the challenge for London is to maintain its competitive advantage."

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Mark Prior

City Executive London +44 7825 907 020 Ask me a question

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Devolution + Collaboration + Intervention: How London can Maintain and Increase its Leading Global Position

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