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How can Birmingham thrive in a changing world with an unmapped future

Sustainable Cities Index 2015

Simon Marks

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Birmingham placed higher than New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Rome in The Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index

Birmingham is on the threshold of being one of today’s biggest success stories. The Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) has identified the “Game Changers”, the Growth Sectors, and the role that skills have to play in regional success. This helped Birmingham to secure one of the largest Growth Fund settlements ever made and, as we move into delivery, the confidence in the region seems to be growing every day. 

It’s no surprise that Birmingham scored so highly in our recent Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index, ranking 18th out of 50 leading global cities and beating the likes of New York (20th), Los Angeles (28th), Tokyo (23rd) and Rome (24th). But closer analysis of the index identifies areas for improvement which, if addressed, could easily secure Birmingham a top 10 slot in future. Interestingly, from greater UK connectivity to increasing housing delivery, the areas for improvement also align with the opportunity offered by devolution.

If we get this right, a top 10 place in the Sustainable Cities Index is not just a certainty, but is under-ambitious. The opportunity to secure the powers and funding over the areas that have been identified for improvement is one that will see the Midlands engine for growth powering ahead and winning the global race for success.

“Birmingham’s star is rising and I’d be very surprised if it didn’t make the top 10 in the Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index in a few years’ time.”


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Simon Marks

City Executive Birmingham Ask me a question

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How can Birmingham Thrive in a Changing World with an Unmapped Future?

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