Leveraging change for success

Digitalisation, globalisation and rapid advancements in technology are fundamentally changing how industries operate in the economy. At Arcadis, we support our industrial clients in achieving competitive advantage, by helping them better understand and optimize their assets. This positions leading companies to create operational efficiencies and realize the opportunities that new markets and technologies bring.

Our perspectives

PropTech - Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

The property industry is ripe for disruption. This could be through better use of big data and analytics to help reimagine the workplace of the future. It could be to help speed-up the house buying and selling process. Or it could be embracing smart contracting through blockchain technology. The rapid speed of digital technology is transforming the real estate and property management market for the better.

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  • Perspective | April 17, 2020

Construction industry supply chain resilience

  • Perspective | March 28, 2019

The Future of Manufacturing

How to make fast strategic and long-term decisions in a rapidly changing environment.

  • Blog | February 18, 2020

How can we use digital water solutions to innovate the UK’s water industry?

The digital revolution in the water industry is worth up $30 billion globally. With such a huge opportunity up for grabs, how can UK plc make sure it wins...

  • Blog | February 25, 2020

Construction and Real Estate Innovation: What are the risks if we fail to harness innovation correctly?

The discussion around every boardroom table is ‘how do we innovate?’ On the face of it, this is an extremely valid question. Yet the desire to move at...

  • Blog | August 2, 2019

How Technology is Changing the Future of Logistics

Changing consumer expectations, new market entrants fuelled by new technology, and new business models are revolutionising the logistics industry. In today’s...

  • Project | United Kingdom

Improving Water Resiliency at United Utilities

In 2015, an unexpected event prevented the supply of drinkable water to over 300,000 homes in the north west of England. This cost millions of pounds and...

  • Press Release | March 4, 2020

Ten new start-ups selected for the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, powered by Techstars

Arcadis has revealed the names of the ten global start-ups, including two from the UK, that have been selected for the second wave of its City of 2030...

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  • Blog | January 8, 2020

Ofwat Final Determination

Having been spared the threat of nationalisation, Water Companies now face the AMP7 triple challenge of heightened customer expectation, accelerating climate...

  • Blog | May 16, 2019

Bringing energy home- replacing complexity with complexity?

Labour’s plans to re-nationalise the energy transmission and distribution networks will involve the complete reengineering of the ownership and management...

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