Keeping the capital competitive

London’s ease of doing business, abundance of green space and world class education system have all contributed to our capital being classed as the most sustainable city in the world. But with affordability challenges around the high cost of housing and increasing transport congestion threatening London’s position, what do we need to do to ensure London retains this global status long into the future?

Maintaining London’s global status

London can’t afford to be complacent. Embracing new technology and the digital agenda is essential to remain relevant and high performing

London is open 

Arcadis’ 2018 Sustainable Cities Index explores the three pillars of sustainability – social (people – reflecting quality of life); environmental (planet - capturing green factors, including energy, pollution and emission;) and economic (profit - reflecting the business environment and economic health) to develop a holistic ranking of the world’s leading cities.

With a strong balance across all three metrics, London has fantastic growth potential and a lot to be positive about.  However, we can’t afford to be complacent. If London is to remain competitive in future it will need to rediscover it’s entrepreneurial streak by addressing some key priority areas, including the need for greater financial autonomy and securing further investment in transport infrastructure, through to how we deliver more affordable homes and embrace digital technologies like 5G and Connection and Autonomous Vehicles

UK Cities Director, Peter Hogg, discusses the 2018 Sustainable Cities Index and shares his views on what London needs to do to “rediscover its entrepreneurial streak” and maintain its position at the head of the rankings.   

Commenting on the rankings, James Murray, Deputy Mayor of London for Housing said: 

“It’s fantastic to see London top the Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index, with our diverse economy, vital green spaces, and exciting cultural scene helping us win the title. However, as our capital’s population continues to grow, so do the challenges we face. The Mayor is using all the powers and resources at his disposal to tackle London’s housing crisis, but to really turn things around the Government must play their part too, by stepping up with the investment we need and devolving more powers to City Hall and boroughs so we can build the council, social rented, and other genuinely affordable homes Londoners so desperately need.”

Peter Hogg

UK Cities Director Ask me a question