Delivering City Value and Prosperity with Mobility Oriented Developments

With MODe, we focus on the integration of four key elements that bring value to transit-hubs: connectivity, urban environment, social place-making and economic development. By quantifying these elements, refined according to our extensive global experience and observations of developed best practices across 40+ stations, we have created a rigorous framework by which to compare the performance and effectiveness of transit-hubs. This allows us to see, like never before, their untapped potential.

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The MODe tool can be used through different stages of design as: 

    Quick Scan
    to assess the current situation of a transit hub, see where it is underperforming and unlock untapped potential.

    Communication tool
    by supporting a transparent dialogue among various stakeholders which addresses the differences of interpretation immediately.

    Aspirational framework
    in order to align the aspirational level with clients. Higher quality or efficiency enhancing solutions can be chosen and prioritized by comparing it with other hubs worldwide.

    Verification tool
    the characteristics of a master plan or strategy can be entered into the model to assess improvements.

    the situation after the plan is implemented.

Download MODe


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