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International Construction Costs 2019

For the first time featuring 100 cities around the globe

International Construction Costs 2019

Value creation in uncertain times

Arcadis International Constructions Costs report details the relative cost of construction in 100 of the world’s leading cities - the largest comparison of its kind. With an additional focus on Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth markets, this year’s theme is about smart decisions creating long-term value through:

  • Innovation – tapping into the vast potential of digitalization
  • End-user benefits – focusing on how people will actually use buildings 
  • Sustainability – reducing impacts on the environment and society
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The Arcadis International Construction Costs Comparison 2019

Spotlight on Australian cities 

For the first time Perth has been added as one of the 50 new cities in the International Construction Cost report, allowing us to compare cost of construction on regional level not only in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but also in Perth.

Click the hotspots to see where they rank, and download the report for a full construction cost profile on each city.

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Australian map.

At number 56, Brisbane is Australia's second most expensive city in which to build.


At number 61, Melbourne is Australia's third most expensive city in which to build.


At number 62, Perth is currently the most affordable Australian city in which to build.


Sydney sits at number 34 in this year’s construction cost ranking.

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