Sydney's core mobility objective is to contribute to a successful city with a strong economy, by providing customer focused, safe, accessible and sustainable mobility by 2056.

It is a city preparing for CAV.

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High levels of private car ownership and use – will citizens embrace a CAV-based sharing economy?

Current evidence points to strong engagement, rollout and effectiveness of ridesharing services. 91% of users are satisfied or very satisfied with ridesharing services.

Upcoming trials of CAV across Sydney will influence citizen views.

New South Wales (NSW) has a well developed university research base in CAV-related fields.

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NSW Government has legislated support for CAV testing and provided AUS$10m to support expansion of trials.

While the National and NSW Governments are taking positive steps towards CAV preparedness, the absence of a single regulatory authority or framework may require addressing.

NSW has the Smart Innovation Center, Future Transport 2056 strategy and Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation.

There is a positive environment for the curation of public/private initiatives. Transport for NSW is working with industry partners to deliver a two-year CAV trial.

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A first for Australia, the metro in Sydney will be fully automated and driverless.

There is limited EV charging infrastructure.

The Opal Smartcard provides an integrated ticketing system for public transport.

Planning is decentralized.

An integrated transport management center responds to network demand across all current travel modes.

Strategy in place for future 5G rollout.

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