Melbourne's core mobility objective is to prioritize and increase the use of public transport, walking and cycling and create mobility that is more competitive than the private car; with a focus on current and future land use to create a high quality public realm by 2030.

It is a city exploring CAV to improve integrated mass transport infrastructure.

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High use of private cars but in the center of Melbourne, car ownership and use is declining.

Satisfaction with public transport is improving.

The number and use of ridesharing services has expanded significantly.

Citizens have not shown large appetite for bikesharing and one operator has exited the market.

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Clear strategy aiming to tackle private car dependency by 2030.

National policy incentivising CAV is developing. Victoria government has legislated support for testing and provided AUS$9m for expansion of trials.

Government has emphasized potential safety benefits of CAV.

Positive environment for public/private initiatives.

Infrastructure Victoria has released a report outlining future scenarios for automated and zero emissions vehicles.

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Public transport is near full capacity.

Infrastructure networks in need of investment and improvement but scale of the city region is a challenge to affordable development.

The Myki Smartcard provides an integrated ticketing system for public transport.

Limited infrastructure for EV charging.

Advanced transport management systems are in place.

5G rollout is planned.

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