Marcus Herrmann

Marcus Herrmann

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Matthias Jirausch

Environment Operations

Dr. Wolfram Tauer

Water Operations & BD/Sales

Martin Ritterbach

Martin Ritterbach

Buildings Operations & BD/Sales

Karl Noé

Dr. Karl Noé

Environment BD/Sales

Michael Hanita

Michael Hanita

Infrastructure Operations & BD/Sales

Markus Reppenhagen

Markus Reppenhagen

Client Development

Christian Ulrich

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Manoj Gupte

Dr. Manoj Gupte

Strategy & Special Projects

Dr. René Rüdinger

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Jan Bünnemeyer

Dr. Jan Bünnemeyer

General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer

Kathi Wimmer

Dr. Kathi Wimmer

City Executive Big Urban Clients | Head of Marketing & Communications

Jana Haueis

Jana Haueis

Director Human Resources

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