• Governança Corporativa

Estrutura Organizacional

A Arcadis é uma sociedade anônima (Naamloze Vennootschap) sob a lei holandesa. A companhia é administrada pelo Executive Board sob supervisão do Supervisory Board. Desde 2003, a Arcadis tem sido uma holding internacional. Membros do Executive e do Supervisory são nomeados e destituídos pela assembleia geral de acionistas.

As proposed by the Executive Board, and with prior approval of the Supervisory Board and the Arcadis Priority Foundation, the General Meeting can amend the Articles of Association. Such a decision requires a majority of at least three/fourth of the votes cast in a meeting in which at least three/fourth of the issued share capital is represented. If the quorum is not met, a second meeting is required, in which the resolution can be adopted by a majority of at least three/fourth of the votes, regardless of the share capital represented in the meeting. 

Related party transactions 

 From time to time Arcadis enters into related party transactions with associated parties. These transactions are conducted on an arm's length basis with terms comparable to transactions with third parties. Intercompany transactions, balances and unrealized gains on transactions between group companies are eliminated on consolidation and are not disclosed in this paragraph. In 2011, Arcadis did not enter into any transaction or loan with third parties holding at least ten percent of the shares in Arcadis.