• 17 mei 2018
  • Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam

Rabobank’s 5th Annual Green Bond Round Table

Wanneer: 17 mei 2018
Waar: Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam

For who: business relations of Rabobank (by invitation only)

Key theme: Green Finance to Curb Climate Change 

In our 5th Green Bond Roundtable the key theme is Climate Change and the questions and topics to be addressed include:

  • In what ways can we already see climate change affecting our cities and water systems?  
  • How do Green Bonds and Green Loans contribute to reducing the impact of climate change?
  • How can issuers and investors use Green Bonds and Loans as a tool to mitigate climate change risks and to adapt to consequences of climate change? 
  • What are the challenges of Green Bonds and Loans and how do we overcome them?
  • What’s the buzz on new standards for Green Bonds? Will they facilitate Green debt issuance and investments? Will they make my life easier?

We will debate these topics in interactive sessions as well as having two key note speakers share their views and experiences:

David van Raalten is European Director Water Management at Arcadis Europe and Programme Leader for Climate Adaptation at Arcadis Netherlands. As well as his roles at Arcadis, David is – or has been – a member of various consultative committees for policy makers and for educational curricula concerning integrated land and water management. As a leading strategist at Arcadis and one of the Dutch community of engineers active in global integrated land & water management David will draw on his extensive involvement in developing climate change-proof land and water management solutions for cities, river and coastal areas in the USA, China and the Netherlands. He will also show some of the daunting challenges facing the planet as we seek to adapt our life styles and protect our natural and economic environments in the context of imminent climate change.

Sean Kidney is CEO and Co-Founder of Climate Bonds Initiative. Sean focuses on promoting investment priorities for Climate and Green Bonds and on showing how issuers, investors and policy makers can take advantage of the Green Bonds market. He currently serves as a member of the European Commission's High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance and is co-Chair of the India Green Bonds Council. Sean has in the past provided advice to the People's Bank of China on how to grow Green Bonds in China; has been a member of the Commonwealth Expert Group on Climate Finance and has been a consultant on Green Bonds to the United Nations Secretary General. As a regular speaker on climate change and finance, Sean has over the past year spoken at conferences and seminars on six continents.

Debate by those who make a difference
A consistently popular element of our events is the lively discussion and dialogue amongst all the participants that arises as we debate your questions on Green Bonds and Loans. These debates are guided by “Debating Captains” coming from each of the three constituencies who will participate in the sessions. To ensure optimal conditions for a lively debate, the maximum number of participants is limited to 120.

Debating Captains:
Jens Hellerup Senior Director, Head of Funding and Investor Relations, Nordic Investment Bank
Sean Kidney CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative
Wilfried Bolt Senior Investment Manager, PGGM Investments

For more information on Arcadis experience in climate adapation in The Netherlands

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David van Raalten

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