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Arcadis lanza nueva imagen corporativa

Estamos muy contentos de anuciar el lanzamiento de nuestra nueva imagen corporativa global, en respuesta a las cambiantes necesidades de nuestros clientes.

Arcadis lanza nueva imagen corporativa

El lanzamiento sigue hasta dos años de inversión uniendo nuestras 28.000 colaboradores en un solo modelo operativo, que nos permite traer nuestro conocimiento y experiencia técnica para nuestros clientes, donde nuestros clientes lo necesiten.

La nueva marca se adoptará en los 70 países donde opera Aracadis y todas las marcas incluyendo Arcadis Logos, Langdon y Seah, Hyder Consulting, y EC Harris. Callison y RTKL, pasará a una sola marca Arcadis en todo el mundo. Las empresas de arquitectura RTKL y Callison, se combinarán como una sola marca CallisonRTKL.

Neil McArthur, our Chief Executive Officer said: “Our clients tell us that the challenges they face call for their business partners to adapt and innovate, to bring their best ideas and expertise from around the world. Over the past two years we have invested heavily in our business to meet these client needs.  We have expanded our global account management team and positioned experts to lead the development of core value propositions that are delivered across the world. We have aligned our global and regional operating models thereby facilitating innovation and easing knowledge transfer, while enabling sharing of best practices and the use of Global Design. We are already seeing this approach bear fruit through applying our global capabilities to win work on mega projects such as the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia and the protection of New York following Hurricane Sandy.

“Building on the rich heritage of the excellent firms that have joined Arcadis and our leading Design & Consultancy positioning, the refreshed brand reflects Arcadis’ ability to seamlessly draw on our global capabilities to provide exceptional and sustainable outcomes across the whole lifecycle of natural and built assets.  Coming together under the single new brand is also an important step in bringing our people together to realize our passion of improving the quality of life and being recognized as the best.”

Para más información de nuestra nueva imagen corporative, vista our brand page.

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