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The pharmaceutical industry is at a critical juncture. Remarkable new medicines are materializing, demand for products is increasing and the barriers to free trade are falling. However, there are certain challenges that must be addressed if companies hope to take advantage of these current trends.


Good news, bad news

It is predicted that the next five years will be tumultuous for the pharmaceutical industry. While innovation has declined, regulations are becoming more demanding and market conditions are getting harsher, there are major scientific, technological and socioeconomic changes that will revive the industry’s fortunes by 2020.

Capitalizing on these trends means making crucial decisions now to maximize the value of new and existing medicines, develop business models for the growth markets, improve scientific productivity and reinvigorate the corporate culture.

"Meeting the needs of today while preparing for the vision of tomorrow."

Arcadis can help you meet those challenges with confidence. With over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we understand what matters most to you. Asset management support that covers the entire asset lifecycle -- from mergers & acquisitions to the divestiture of surplus properties, from new construction to the operation, upgrade or repurposing of existing facilities. Program management that provides certainty of cost, schedule and outcomes. Human and natural resource management that reduces operational expenditure and enhances productivity. Environmental, health and safety management that reduces mitigation and compliance costs. And global presence that delivers quick response and local regulatory knowledge

Our team of design, engineering and business advisory experts knows how to increase your efficiency, productivity and speed to market without increasing operating costs. Your profitability goes up, your liabilities go down and your company is ready for 2020 and beyond. All while keeping health and safety a top priority so you can successfully achieve your business goals without worrying about liabilities.


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