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The complex challenges facing the power industry today focus on aging infrastructure, increasingly complex regulatory requirements, and a progressive shift towards smart grids and alternative power generation and distribution systems. Our clients partner with Arcadis experts to address these challenges through proven environmental and business management solutions.

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We understand the trials you face as you strive to meet customer needs. We help our clients optimize their business and maintain competitive market share through resiliency, expansion and contractor reliance. Our technical and regulatory expertise, geographic coverage and program options provide customized solutions that enhance operations while maintaining cost certainty.

With an extensive range of services that span the environmental, infrastructure, water and buildings markets, Arcadis offers a clear path to solve your most significant issues: from expansions and maintenance of existing facility operations to planning and permitting of new facilities.

“From network optimization and expansion to design and environmental compliance, permitting and zoning, our experts support a variety of power and utility challenges from project conception to post-construction and maintenance.”

For more than 40 years our team has worked with the power and utility industry. We specialize in the following service areas:

Coal Ash

Following the implementation of the EPA’s Final Rule on Coal Combustion Residuals Generated by Electric Utilities, coal-fired plant owners bear increasing scrutiny from regulatory agencies and local communities. Our team is well-versed in the concepts addressed by the ruling, including groundwater and air contaminants, surface impoundment failures, site closure and management, and beneficial reuse guidelines. We collaborate with you to develop and implement ecologically and economically balanced coal ash management solutions.

Manufactured Gas Plants

A cornerstone of Arcadis’ power and utility practice is the management and closure of manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites. These sites have a long legacy in the history of power production and leave behind soil, groundwater, sediment and air environmental challenges. We combine practical execution with innovative technologies, risk management and strategy. Our team is continually developing emerging technologies to improve and enhance our investigation, assessment and remediation of MGP sites.

Transmission Lines

Evolving energy transmission and distribution challenges, coupled with a growing demand for a more reliable and efficient grid system has led to an increased need for system modifications and updates across the power and utility industry. We provide innovative project solutions through full lifecycle services that support planning, permitting, design and construction of transmission and distribution systems, from initial route selection and constraints analysis through environmental impact assessment, permitting and construction.

“We combine proven project and program management methods with alternative contracting expertise and technical experience to improve our client’s financial performance and long-term viability, while responsibly addressing environmental impacts.”

Program Management

Major programs and projects can be extremely complex and have a large impact on investors, governments, businesses and communities. Through our deep understanding of what it means to hold owner responsibility for the implementation of major capital projects, we are familiar with power and energy project objectives and project management expectations. Successful project execution requires the right technical experience, financial resources, and organizational commitment. As your advocate, we lead strategy, manage the risks and assure outcomes that add value and provide a strong return on investment.

Facility Demolition & Deconstruction

Faced with increasing environmental, political and economic pressure to reduce liability associated with idle assets it is essential that industries take a proactive position to reduce their exposure to environmental and structural hazards. Arcadis addresses D4 issues at facilities and contaminated sites impacted by a variety of hazardous materials through safe and cost-effective best practices. We use a holistic, team-centric approach to provide engineering and turnkey project and program management services developed through our many years of experience in the power and utility industry.

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Lisa Micheletti Cope

Power & Utilities Sector Lead 925 296 7842 Ask me a question
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