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Hong Kong leads the way as most attractive location for retailers to operate

The Arcadis Retail Operations Index 2015

“For retailers with international aspirations weighing up where, how and when to expand is critical"

Retailers in Hong Kong enjoy the best conditions in the world in which to operate, benefiting from first rate infrastructure, superior business conditions and a strong economic climate. Singapore and the United States occupy second and third place in the rankings, while ongoing economic uncertainty in the Eurozone is holding many European nations back.

“If a business is going to operate effectively and flourish, it is vital that retailers do their homework."

Elsewhere, the UK and US perform strongly, providing retailers with a favorable regulatory environment and strong economic climate, despite their ageing infrastructure which has the potential to impact future prospects. Meanwhile, of the Eurozone nations only Germany and the Netherlands feature in the top ten. It appears that ongoing uncertainty over the Euro may be continuing to impact retailers’ operations right across the continent and could potentially dissuade investment in the longer term.

The ten most favorable markets for retailers 
1. Hong Kong
2. Singapore
3. USA
4. Japan
5. UK
6. Canada
7. Germany
8. UAE
9. Netherlands
10. Sweden

The ten least favorable markets for retailers to operate
41. Vietnam
42. Indonesia
43. India
44. Uruguay
45. Russia
46. Pakistan
47. Paraguay
48. Argentina
49. Nigeria
50. Egypt

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Retail Operations Index 2015

Which nation is the best for retailers to locate for ease of operation?

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