• February 21, 2020

Preserving San Francisco’s historic piers: Arcadis and team identify adaptive flood risk mitigation strategies to protect waterfront value

Highlands Ranch, Colo. — Feb. 21, 2020 — A new study by the Port of San Francisco captures the dilemma facing America's coastal cities: preparing for sea level rise while protecting the vitality of iconic places. 

With bay tides projected to rise at least three feet by 2100 (according to the California Ocean Protection Council), the Port of San Francisco’s report provides several adaptive flood risk mitigation strategies to preserve the Embarcadero’s historic finger piers while minimizing impact to the existing structures and location. 

The consultant engineering team of Arcadis, Lotus Water and Incommon partnered with the Port of San Francisco to evaluate current and projected future flood risk, identify adaptive measures, and assess the feasibility and technical suitability of such solutions to protect the piers over a substantial portion of the next century. 

For details on the adaptive measures, read the full San Francisco Chronicle article.

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