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Malin Dartnell


Malin Dartnell joined Arcadis in Atlanta, Georgia, after graduating from college in May 2015. She has worked on industrial and municipal water and wastewater design projects, as well as litigation support and multi-week field sampling efforts. She loves listening to local public radio and hearing positive feedback about projects that she has been involved in.

“Arcadis opens doors to opportunities through unique and exciting projects”

How does Arcadis help your personal and professional development?

“I really appreciate Arcadis’ investment in growing its people. The technical and career development training that is available through TKI is a fantastic way to continue learning - and to be able to learn from top experts from all over the country! In addition, I think that the opportunities that are afforded by the Lovinklaan Foundation are unique and very valuable; I hope to have the chance to join Global Shapers or go on a Quest sometime soon.”

How do you see Arcadis values coming to life?

“Especially when we work with municipal clients, our work has a direct positive impact on the people of my local community - I can see my projects improving quality of life!”

What are the 2 favorite projects you have worked on?

“We designed a drinking water supply system in Paulding County, Georgia, which included a dam, 3 billion gallon reservoir, three pump stations, and a 36 MGD water treatment facility. This was an extremely challenging multidisciplinary project that gave me my first taste of the full design process, starting with a blank slate and continuing through design and into the construction management phase of the project. This project introduced me to a number of disciplines that I didn’t have prior experience with, and gave me the chance to work with Arcadians from all over the country.”

“On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve also enjoyed working on a litigation support project. In this role, I have supported an expert witness for a confidential client, and have worked independently to gather information in order to build an opinion and prepare for a deposition. This project has expanded my understanding of environmental regulation and litigation, and has given me a unique chance to work in a realm outside of nuts-and-bolts engineering design.”