• Capabilities: Architectural Design, Structural Engineering
  • Sectors: Rail and Urban Transport, Highways and Intelligent Transport Systems, Cities

Te Wero Bridge

Auckland, New Zealand - Supporting the business development of Auckland’s waterfront, and creating an accessible area rich in character that links the city and the sea.

The team created a stunning, yacht-inspired, elegant bridge design

Auckland City Council was looking to support the economic development of the city of Auckland’s waterfront, to create an area rich in character that would provide a link for people from the city to the sea. A new bridge spanning the inner viaduct harbor entrance was critical to the success of the regeneration, and the design had to be outstanding in order to compete with the surrounding structures. The design would need visually outstanding, but also multi-functional, carrying cyclists, pedestrians, passenger transport and potentially light rail.

The client selected the innovative bridge design submitted by a team comprising Arcadis, architects Denton Corker Marshall and Kenneth Grubb, specialist engineering consultants, as the winner of its international design competition. The design, a twinleaf bascule aluminium bridge with a vertical tower/mast of 60m, features an aerodynamic silhouette that draws inspiration from the modern sails of contemporary racing yachts.

In March 2009, the client made the decision to defer the construction of the bridge and awarded Arcadis and our associates a commission to design an interim bridge, known as the Wynyard Crossing, for pedestrians and cyclists until a permanent bridge is constructed.

The team delivered two very efficient, sustainable and striking designs for the bridge in order to enable the client to continue with its regeneration plans. The Wynyard Crossing Bridge was completed within budget and opened in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

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