• Digital Innovation

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The way in which we build is undergoing a tremendous amount of change. Virtual design tools, such as Building Information Modelling, have drastically changed how we and our clients design and operate infrastructure, buildings and even cities.

Creating a digital twin allows us to simulate a building before it is even built. This means we can more accurately determine construction costs, overcome any barriers before work even begins and dynamically imagine how it will age over time. Crucially, this can be done faster and more efficiently. 

As a digitally-enabled business, we are at the very forefront of BIM technology and are actively seeking to fully embed the technology across all of the work we do. The increasing sophistication of the software and the way in which we use it allows us to consistently deliver for our clients, more quickly and more effectively than ever before. 

Within Arcadis, we use Building Information Modelling to enable more joined-up working across our teams, right around the world. This means we can exchange information more quickly, solve problems and reduce risk on our clients’ projects more efficiently than ever before.