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Power and Energy

The energy landscape as we know it is rapidly transforming. Rising costs, security of supply and the need to mitigate environmental impact are all issues dominating the sector. Decarbonisation and large-scale renewable energy resources are dominating the future frontier. Smart grids will manage our increasing trans-national demand and supply. In a highly regulated market, our understanding of power generation, transmission and distribution networks and wholesale energy supply helps our clients navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

Simon Bimpson

Managing Director - Water, Energy and Utilities Ask me a question

Responding to the UK’s energy needs

Increasing urbanisation and rapid population growth are placing greater demands on our energy capacity. With renewable sources increasingly coming to the fore, balancing supply and demand calls for a unique approach to tackling these emerging challenges.

Energy Infrastructure, Storage and Usage

We work with governments, investors, developers, energy utilities, grid operators and end-users to ensure that energy supply is secure, sustainable and affordable. By focusing on the triple priorities of energy infrastructure, storage and usage, we help our clients design and engineer energy structures; develop energy strategies to manage their investments; respond to changing levels of demand; and create operational and financial efficiencies that will ultimately add value to their business.

Whether that’s designing a new underground Natural Gas Storage Facility to increase the UK’s capacity by 20%, or working with National Grid on feasibility costs for a new pipeline, our understanding of the market adds certainty to investment and development decisions across the entire scope of the energy sector.

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Simon Bimpson

Managing Director - Water, Energy and Utilities Ask me a question
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