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Housing and Placemaking

Effective placemaking hinges on the creation of high-quality urban environments that deliver social, environmental and economic benefits for all. But how do we create places we can be proud of, and which also make a difference to people’s lives? Importantly, how do we unlock the funding to deliver these places, alongside the governance to sustain great communities where people can thrive?

Peter Hogg

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A new way of thinking, designing and creating places is needed if we are to deliver the number of new homes needed across the UK and create safe, inclusive and sustainable communities where the benefits are maximised for everyone.

Increasing competitive advantage

Investors and Developers need to stay ahead of the market. The impact of increasing urbanisation, the growth in new and emerging technologies and the spread of investment beyond London and into other regional centres are all affecting how the industry delivers.

We help our clients not just to understand these trends, but also how they can use them to increase their competitive advantage. From knowing which developments are financially viable to helping reduce risk, we work with our residential clients – whether Registered Social Landlords and Housing Associations, or Developers, SMEs and Local Authorities - to help them make the most of their investment and development returns.

Creating high value developments

We have a track record of helping our clients create high value developments. This can cover the full lifecycle of any project, from site identification, planning, design and execution, through to controlled exit strategies. Our expertise ranges from forecasting market demand and acquiring land at the best price, to advising on the construction process and minimising operational costs. Working in close partnership with our clients, our understanding of some of the most complex technical challenges, combined with in-depth local market insight, gives us a proven ability to help deliver the homes the nation needs.

People and Place

Our approach starts with people and place. We create high quality and locally distinctive places that promote social and environmental health and well-being. As world leaders in urban re-thinking, we support the transformation of place through urban regeneration and investible masterplanning, exemplified by our work at places including Otterpool Park, Walsall Town Centre, and Digbeth Canal Corridor.

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Peter Hogg

UK Cities Director Ask me a question
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