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Demand is increasing exponentially in the healthcare industry. Populations across the world are living longer and the rise in chronic disease and lifestyle illnesses means that healthcare providers and commissioners must move quickly to obtain more from each investment in health systems.

Delivering better healthcare outcomes more efficiently

With population growth and longer life expectancy comes the need for bigger and better medical and healthcare facilities. Funding gaps need to be met through greater health efficiencies and reform, along with savings from client  regime change and procurement in primary and acute care to deliver an efficient 24/7 service.

Arcadis advises health development organisations, government departments, private sector providers, banks and major private consortia. We draw upon our international expertise across more than 38 countries in healthcare alone for  a deep understanding of health trends to help our clients deliver better healthcare outcomes more efficiently.

We represent clients at all stages of health development. This includes the critical issue of patient safety, which is paramount. We ensure that the required patient-centric outcomes are at the heart of the built asset.

We are experienced in developing and applying models for estimating future demand across organisations and conurbations. We recognise that each scheme has its own unique issues and provide tailored designs, strategies, delivery and technology solutions to optimize capital investment, unlock value and drive more effective utilisation of the health estate and in social care.   

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