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In an era of uncertain funding, unprecedented Secondary School demand and increasing austerity, we understand the difficulties faced by local authorities when planning school places. As a trusted advisor, we help our clients navigate a world of tighter budgets, increased scrutiny and greater demand while delivering value for money.

Helping clients navigate tighter budgets, increased scrutiny and greater demand.

Innovative Solutions

As the pressure on school places increases, it is becoming more difficult to predict and plan for the future. Funding and land availability are more constrained.  Alongside academisation and the reduction in resources, local authorities are finding their statutory role more difficult to deliver.  The Government has driven efficiencies through the centralised delivery of new and re-built schools via standardised design, specification and procurement, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for all Government bodies to minimise construction costs in a rising market. 

It is more important than ever for local authorities to consider innovative solutions to meet their statutory duties. Our solutions build on extensive experience of working for local and central Government across a wide range of programmes, providing a multi-disciplinary approach to strategic planning, design and management of delivery. 

These approaches are focused on maximising innovative funding sources, driving down the cost of delivery and assuring the quality of the finished product for our clients. Our sustainable solutions are aimed at achieving the best financial, environmental and social objectives, whilst always supporting better learning outcomes. 

Delivery Assurance

Our delivery is underpinned by our extensive benchmarking capabilities which enable us to provide assurances to local authorities that the solutions they are receiving offer best value. We bring experience of working with over 100 local authorities to deliver a wide range of services, from Strategic Consultancy on One Public Estate plans and advising combined authorities on partnership funding, to mixed-use developments that combine leisure and residential accommodation with brand new, state of the art schools. 

Effective Asset Management 

With the costs of an aging school estate putting pressure on already squeezed budgets, we can help local authorities to understand their strategic priorities and align these to their asset portfolios through practical interventions. 

We are able to help our clients understand and improve their assets through mapping-out and undertaking portfolio-wide survey programmes, statutory compliance health-checks and auditing, asbestos management consultancy and removals, and the production of 5- and 10-year forward maintenance capital works plans. 

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