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Place Intelligence:

innovative digital platform for planners

Currently there are huge pressures on local planning authorities, including a slow and inefficient planning cycle and complexities associated with building healthier and more sustainable homes.


"In the past, the planning experience has been weighed down by administrative tasks. Meanwhile, the process of getting money from the government to where it’s needed the most can be very lengthy. Place Intelligence makes decision making and the judgement process more accurate, both saving time and improving the quality of the job.”

Paul Whittingham, Bolton Council

Key benefits:

Speeding up housing delivery by quickly modelling site capacity, viability and deliverability.

Greater confidence: live scenario testing for sites, districts and whole plans based on your local planning guidance.

Significantly reduced costs to create a defensible plan by automating key activities.

At least 50% time savings over a traditional planning approach.

Place Intelligence:

Place Intelligence is enabling Local Authorities to make the decisions that best meet the needs of their communities by bringing certainty and speed to the housing planning process. 

It is digitally transforming the planning process by using a mix of land, building, commercial and planning data to model the impact of planning decisions. Place Intelligence provides Local Authorities with a real time platform to share data and collaborate, quickly modelling site viability options to create robust local plans and district wide delivery programmes. 

Place Intelligence is supporting Local Authorities in making sustainable development choices. It can include delivery of zero carbon homes, affordable homes and even where to use modular construction methods. 

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Using Place Intelligence
- Case study

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) need to deliver over 10,000 new homes each year for the next 20 years. But it's not as simple as building more homes. GMCA need the right type of housing, on the right type of land, in the right areas, with the right infrastructure and investment from the right developers. The existing process to marry these demands is complex, time-consuming and involves multiple teams, data and approvals. 

Recognising how important access to housing is for the people of Manchester, we partnered with GMCA to develop a solution. Place Intelligence allows Greater Manchester's district planning authorities to make evidence-based decisions according to accurate data. The platform is speeding up the planning process, lowering costs and – most importantly – can reduce the delay in delivering much needed housing for the people of Manchester. 


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Place Intelligence: Designed By Planners, For Planners:

Place Intelligence is the result of a collaborative process between Arcadis and clients. It was born out of a desire to speed up the number of homes built in a region and to ensure they were the right type of homes needed by local communities. So it was designed by planning teams to meet their exact needs.

The national and local data contained in Place Intelligence means planners can quickly run scenarios and make better decisions, including:

  • Automated site capacity and viability forecasting
  • Development and policy scenario testing
  • NPPF compliant site viability assessment
  • Calculating socio-economic value
  • District wide housing delivery forecasts

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Place Intelligence

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