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New York, London and Hong Kong are the world’s most expensive cities for construction

Arcadis International Construction Costs 2016

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“New York, London and Hong Kong see cost premiums of up to 60 percent compared with many European cities.”

The costs associated with constructing the buildings of tomorrow, around the world are varied and unpredictable. Rapidly shifting commodity prices, political instability and fluctuating currencies conspire to make investment and development decisions highly complex and fraught with risk.

Arcadis cost experts analyzed the relative cost of construction across 44 of the world’s major cities.  The results can be round in our latest International Construction Costs Report 2016.

Our research found that New York, London and Hong Kong ranked as the world’s most expensive cities to build in, with strong currencies and significant resource constraints resulting in higher prices.

Elsewhere, the gradual recovery in the Eurozone has meant that these markets have avoided this high construction inflation. While, in Asia, the Chinese economic slowdown and weakening demand in many cities means that overall growth in Asia is expected to ease as we enter 2016.

Throughout 2015, every construction market saw the overall level of cost inflation restricted due to drops commodity prices. The growing uncertainty over prices will inevitably have a long-term impact on the global construction industry.

As we enter 2016, it is fair to say that we have another very interesting year in prospect. With potential opportunities arising in recent months across newly-affordable markets, it is vital that investors and developers to do their homework.

The most and least expensive cities for construction according to the index are shown in the table below:

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Tim Neal

CEO, CallisonRTKL Ask me a question

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Internationaler Baukostenindex 2016
International Construction Costs 2016

What cities are the costliest to build in around the world?

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