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Mark Medazoumian

In his role as cost consultant, Mark sees a great number and range of projects in the Arcadis pipeline: “It means there is always a place to move, learn and grow. It’s a joy to share project news with colleagues. The flexibility within the office environment allows for ideas, and out-of-the-box thinking to flourish.” 

“Out-of-the-box thinking can flourish”

What do you love about working for Arcadis?
“There is a sense of community and balance at Arcadis. Upon entering the prime residential sector community as a year out placement, I was welcomed with open arms by a group of like-minded individuals.” 

How does Arcadis help your professional development?
“I have received support to achieve my professional qualification as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor. Becoming a member of the RICS and utilizing the resources within Arcadis, has meant I can better deliver and share knowledge to the wider teams, sectors and the business as a whole.”

My favorite projects

1. 45-story tower, London, UK 
“The project integrated 160 luxury apartments, a five-star hotel, retail space and a four level basement. The project was fast-paced and immediately I felt part of the wider project team. This project gave me a flavor of what was to come within the sector and an understanding of the ambitious clients and complex projects I would be helping to deliver.”

2. Luxury residential development, London, UK
“The project demanded a higher specification than I had previously encountered and presented a number of unique challenges, including a basement adjacent to the Thames and a curved structure and façade.” 

3. Mixed-use development, London, UK
“The new landmark within London required the construction of a 16 story building, a three-level basement, and a 42 story tower. I was able to become an integral part of the professional team.”

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