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Becca Hearn

Becca’s job as a quantity surveyor has taken her to new places like Saudi Arabia, where she recently worked on a project and learned about the local culture. Her role has also taken her to new places professionally: “My projects are helping me build an amazing network and learn the more technical side. I have already learnt an unbelievable amount about the water industry and broadened my skillset overall.”

“I can tell my grandchildren I played a part in improving their quality of life.”

What do you love about working for Arcadis?
“My colleagues. I am part of an amazing team who I really enjoy working with and seeing every day. I think what makes us strong as a team is that we support each other.”

How does Arcadis help your professional development?
“Doing something every day that challenges me. I am consistently learning at work, which keeps me engaged and enthused. It sounds cheesy to say but no two days are the same. One minute I might be working on a giant tunnel the next a temporary marketing suite.”

How do you see Arcadis values coming to life?
“The working environment and offices are pretty cool. There is a hot desk policy so you can sit in different places, as well as breakout areas where you can go to network or have space to think.” 

What are the 3 favorite projects you have worked on?

1. Vendors Due Diligence for Thames Tideway Tunnel, London, UK  
“This is an iconic project that is going to clean up the river Thames for future generations, It was an international team and I was working in collaboration with specialists from Arcadis in the USA and France.” 

2. Replacement Homes Suite, London, UK
“This project was to build a marketing suite for a large regeneration scheme in London. It was built using a Cross Laminated Timber Frame; it’s not only sustainable, but very rarely used in the industry, so it is an innovative way of working.” 

3. Aire Street, UK
“I worked on site for the first time and learned how to interact and work with the project team, and how different components of a building go together to produce an amazing result.” 

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