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Andrew Ratcliffe

Design Project Manager

Design Project Manager Andrew has made some lifelong friends through work, and the more his role broadens, the more his network grows. “The people I’ve met are brilliant,” he says, “and I’m confident there are great people and great minds throughout Arcadis. As I continue to get involved in new schemes, I experiencing the pleasure of working with more diverse and interesting people all the time.”

“My favorite part about Arcadis is the people.”

What do you love about working for Arcadis?
“I love going to work, because every day is different. I never know what challenges await me. For me, engineering really is about harnessing science and materials and making them work in the right way—in accordance with modern codes and standards of course!”

How does Arcadis help your professional development?
“I’m most excited about seeing the rail team flourish; I believe it will continue to grow into a nationally renowned powerhouse of railway engineering. The London team is expanding, and I’d really love to contribute, as a leader and mentor, to its success. I’ve also just passed my ICE Chartership, which is a testament to the great people who have mentored me through my training.” 

How do you see Arcadis values coming to life?
“I get to use my imagination to deliver intelligent solutions and contribute to my team.”

My favorite projects:

1. Fetteresso Viaduct Refurbishment, Stonehaven, Scotland 
This was my first real introduction into railway bridge engineering, I had a great mentor and learned so much!  I loved seeing this heavily dilapidated structure, be restored to its former glory.

2. London Bridge Station Redevelopment, London  
Dissecting an operational, 200 year old railway station around services, train traffic, people, buses and businesses at the heart of London is truly a challenge.  I worked with great professionals from many organisations and obtained great experiences that helped me progress.

3. Wessex Multi-Function Framework, Southern UK
The work is fast paced, innovative, exciting and just feels like how engineering should be done.  It’s fantastic to work within such a passionate team where you know you’re engineering the right solution for the infrastructure as a collective!

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