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Arcadis releases Shelter Urban Thinkers Book

Arcadis has published a ‘Shelter Urban Thinkers Challenge’ inspiration book, setting out innovative ideas for the perfect city of the future.

The Shelter Urban Thinkers Challenge’ book shows the outcome of a global Urban Thinkers challenge, which Arcadis held to celebrate Urban October. Arcadis people from all over the world had the chance to share their innovative ideas to improve quality of life in our future cities. How will the next generation live and get around?

The book includes many innovative ideas, including agriculture towers, creative reuse of buildings, floating cities, solar pavements and vertical living. Moreover it gives a background on the importance to create resilient, mobile, and regenerative future cities.

Over a 24-hour period on 28 October 2015, workshops were held in Arcadis office in 13 cities around the world - New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Rotterdam, Berlin, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dubai and Sao Paulo.  Hundreds of people from all areas of the business shared ideas, expertise and urban solutions for future e cities - our future cities. The sessions focused on three themes that make every city livable, competitive, and sustainable: resilience, mobility and regeneration.  Moreover, Arcadis employees shared their ideas online. For an impression of the challenge, click here

The challenge is part of the Shelter program, the partnership with UN-Habitat, aimed at a common goal: to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world.  The partnership, which started in 2010, is aimed at a common goal: to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world.

Bert Smolders, Shelter program manager, said: “The outcome of the Urban Thinkers Challenge was impressive, it was great to see the vast amount of innovative ideas that came up in 24 hours. Our aim with this book, as partner of UN-Habitat, is to support the debate for the Habitat III conference in Quito in October 2016 and to increase awareness about the importance of sustainable cities.”

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Arcadis and UN-Habitat extend partnership to improve urban quality of life

Neil McArthur, CEO Arcadis, and dr Joan Clos, Executive Director UN Habitat
(8 December 2015) - Arcadis and UN-Habitat, the United Nations Programme for Human Settlements, today announced a two year extension of their collaboration until the end of 2017. The partnership, which started in 2010, is aimed at a common goal: to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world. Named Shelter, the partnership provides pro bono expertise for UN-Habitat projects and financial sponsorship for the World Urban Campaign (www.worldurbancampaign.org). Read the full press release

UN-Habitat, Arcadis and KU Leuven help rebuilding effort in Nepal

Arcadis, UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Program, and KU Leuven are partnering to develop an urban recovery and development program for immediate action in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. In response to the earthquake of 25 April 2015, the initiative aims to assist in the redevelopment of one of the hardest-hit historical areas of the Kathmandu Valley.A Shelter mission took place between 24 August and 5 September 2015 and saw five representatives travelling to Nepal, with assistance from a remotely-based team, to support local municipalities and neighborhood groups in urban recovery and planning. Read the press release 

Celebrating five years of Shelter 

To celebrate five years of the Shelter program we invited Arcadis staff members to share your personal view or experience on the importance of Shelter by completing the following sentence: ‘The Shelter program is important because….” 

We received many inspirational quotes highlighting how Shelter improves the quality of life for people all around the world. The entries were put to a jury comprised of Philip Youell, Director of Communications and Sustainability, Rob Mooren member of the Shelter Steering Committee and Bert Smolders, Shelter Program Manager. The jury announced the overall winner, Guilherme Scatolini Menten from Brazil, as the most inspiring entry with his quote: ‘The Shelter program is important because… it’s easy to forget we are all humans and nobody can live alone, Shelter gives us the opportunity to remember this!’ Watch the video with all winning quotes below.

Guilherme has won a Shelter surprise package and a Shelter birthday cake to share with his colleagues. Moreover 10 runners up have been selected who have also received a Shelter surprise package. Guilherme shared the Shelter birthday cake with 40 colleagues during a celebration in the São Paulo office on June 15. Cintia Salles, board member of Lovinklaan, presented the Foundation and the Shelter Program. Karin Formigoni, president of the environment division in Brazil, talked about the relevance of Shelter, the contest and the winners from Brazil, Guilherme Scatolini and two Brazilian runners up, Fernando Leite and Marcio Luiz Fernandes Lopes. Participants of former Shelter missions were also present and are points of contacts in Brazil for staff members who are interested to join a Shelter mission. They prove that, if you apply, you DO have a chance to go. 

Inspiration book SHELTER ‘Urban October’ WORKSHOPS 

UN-Habitat has officially dubbed October 2014 Urban October. During this month, Arcadis invited all its staff to a series of lunchtime workshops to find out more from the people who have been on the front-line of these missions including the challenges faced and how everyone can get involved. All ARCADIS staff were invited, with each and every participant encouraged to share their views on how urban environments in the developing world can be improved for the good of those who live there. This inspiration book summarizes the outcomes of all the workshops that took place during the most recent Urban October. The workshops  continued during 2015.
Open Shelter Inspiration Book

Neil McArthur receives a recognition plaque for the Shelter Program

Neil McArthur, CEO of Arcadis and chairman of the Shelter program steering committee, visited the Shelter team on November 20th 2014 in Manila. The Shelter team is supporting UN-Habitat Philippines, now working for the ASUD project. Together with UN-Habitat Philippines the team is providing expertise to three Philippines cities to develop sustainable urban cities extensions. Neil was accompanied by David Burgess, director of the Hyder office in Manila. Read more.

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