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Number of appartments

The challenge

Prague-Modřany, a city borough to the south border of the Czech capital, has been a sought-after location for residential housing for decades. What impress is special calmness of the whole area with many parks and green areas and a close vicinity to the Vltava river offering various water sport facilities, pathways and cycling routes. Modřany is definitely place to be for families seeking a safe area for their residential housing on the outskirts of Prague.


    Rezidence Modřanka was built in several stages. We at Arcadis participated in the first two: the 15-storey “Tower” building with 70 flats which was shortly followed by the 5-storey “Phase A” with 73 apartments. There was a new courtyard constructed between them offering relaxing areas for the residents

The solution

In order to assist Rezidence Modřanka to obtain the BREEAM International certification for new construction (version 2016) we were guided not only by the procedure requirements but also by our personal experience and we were constantly asking what would make life in Rezidence Modřanka more pleasant and more sustainable at the same time?

That's why we have recommended to implement complex waste program enabling effective recycling and planting plan with local species of trees and flowers and creating many drinking spots for birds and insects.


    Another sustainable solution is a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery for example. Unlike ventilation with openable windows, heat recovery units can exchange air without letting in an external noise. Apart from that, the system saves energy on compensating for ventilation heat loss, circulating pre-heated (or cooled) air into the room. The units are fitted with filters that clean the air brought into the apartments of any impurities and dust, ensuring a healthier inside environment.

The impact

CWhat does it feel like pioneering sustainability in the Czech Republic? Put it simply, we live our values and help others doing the same. We are happy to support sustainable commercial development on implementation of large-scale environmental solutions such as energy efficiency, water savings, effective waste management and ultimately creating pleasant living and/or working environment. In case of Rezidence Modřanka around 300 people living in the first two buildings have a great home supporting their health and our nature alike.

Digital Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability

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