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The challenge

Rebirth of Prague Karlín is dated to 2002. After the devastating floods in the Vltava river the entire parts of this inner city area including the whole engineering infrastructure had to be renovated. New waterfront barriers installed sparked new office and residential developments that started to change originally industrial area full of heavy machinery factories into sought-after location with number of restaurants, cafés and cultural events. Lofts in some office and residential buildings still remind you of Karlín´s industrial DNA.


    The first ideas when Skanska acquired former car and motorcycling factory were connected with Karlín´s genius loci. To build a new office building providing modern and innovative workplace, however to reflect the historical heritage and create place where not only tenants but also people living around would like to visit.

The solution

We at Arcadis were tasked with supervision of construction process managed in BIM, engineering controlling and HVAC consultancy. Praga Studios was constructed according to the latest construction trends, with many innovative technologies saving time during construction, improving interior quality and reducing operational cost for property maintenance. From the very first drawings, the building was designed to full-fill requirements of the highest environmental certification (LEED Platinum) as well as international interior quality certification (WELL). We are pleased to confirm that both of them were achieved as Praga Studios remains in TOP TEN most sustainable buildings in the world and gained the second WELL certificate issued in the Czech Republic so far.


    Building´s exterior – glass façade within grey metal framework – pays tribute to Karlín´s industrial history. However, the property is packed with latest technologies including smart parking which takes you to the assigned parking lot, smart screen in the atrium thanks to which you never run late or stay without lunch. All this and much more is covered by unique Connected by Skanska operating system.

The impact

What does it feel like, at Arcadis, to play role in pushing boundaries of sustainable and innovative development in Prague? Participation in such a project means for us far more than just reference in our portfolio. We keep all fingers crossed to projects like this – building futureproof offices that are designed not only to fit into existing environment, but also transforming it into new and definitely better quality..


    And what challenged us professionally? For example, an innovative way how to install HVAC system through prefab components put together like a puzzle and coordination of all suppliers in the narrow system of shafts and lower ceilings.

Used capabilities

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