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The challenge

New and improved sports, entertainment and leisure facilities often form part of these efforts. In Singapore, a key driver behind the launch of the Singapore Sports Hub was to better serve the community through sport as outlined in the government's Vision 2030 master plan.

The solution

The Singapore Sports Hub is a mixed-use development project centered around a 55,000 seat stadium with a state-of-the-art retractable roof. It also includes an aquatics center, a 3,000 capacity sports arena, a water sports center, a museum, and other ancillary and community spaces. It was procured through a Public-Private Partnership with multiple parties involved in the delivery stage. Arcadis was appointed in early 2010 as an Independent Tester to ensure the construction was monitored in an independent and consistent manner, and assessed against contractual requirements. By providing practical and pragmatic advice to both public and private sector parties, the Arcadis team helped to ensure that issues were addressed and resolved in a collaborative way while keeping the program on track.

The impact

The sports and entertainment facility was unveiled in 2014 and is already attracting a host of major sporting events, concerts and world-famous teams from across the globe. When Singapore celebrated its 50th anniversary in early 2015, the city could proudly say it now has a world-class sports hub that stands alongside the best in the world.

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