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The challenge

With increasing demand for both monthly and hourly carparking spaces, a building owner in Hong Kong was looking for ways to optimize the available car park space to maximise revenue and improve the user experience for existing tenants and the wider public.

The solution

Arcadis supported the owner in providing seamless carparking experience to tenants and the wider public. With increasing demand for both monthly and hourly carparking spaces, the owner had been experiencing high traffic in certain carparks and low traffic in others. The challenge was to spread the traffic across different carparks. The owner had also been exploring technological improvement for effective data management and strategies to optimise free parking policy.

The impact

By using data analytics, Arcadis produced meaningful recommendations on how to better distribute traffic which included strategies to optimize a free parking policy, make reserved space available and advise on the adoption of a potential IT system to support future operations. Tailored approach to ensure even spread of traffic across carparks and avoid overcrowding. Price recommendation, through a benchmarking study against sites across Hong Kong. Rationalized free parking policy realized through study of trends and benchmark sites.

Used capabilities

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