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Understanding the true impact of development work is critical when undertaking a construction project or program. We help our clients ascertain precisely what effect their operations will have on the natural environment.

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Umweltplanung und Genehmigungsmanagement

When undertaking a large capital investment project, such as an infrastructure upgrade or a commercial development, it is crucial that businesses properly assess and understand the full environmental and social impact of their plans, in addition to meeting local regulatory requirements. In an increasingly environmentally-aware world, these considerations need to be set in a long-term context.

Our environmental planning experts work proactively with clients across the world and help them understand the impact of their proposals. Our input helps our clients to make robust investment decisions, and ensures that all necessary environmental and social licenses are received in order to realise their goals.

Associated services:
- Corporate ESHIA
- Regulatory EIA
- Mitigation & Monitoring

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Simon Randall

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