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Roy Cooper

As leader of Aracdis’ Contract Solutions team in the Eastern US, Roy has developed long-lasting relationships with colleagues and clients: “I look back at some of my accomplishments over the last 18 years and can take pride in the things I’ve been a part of. I know none of my personal success could have been possible without the people around me.”

“I’ve seen things most people don’t get to see”

“Looking forward, I can see that we’ve only touched the hem of the garment of what we can do. I’m excited to continue to make this the best company it can be, to continue to grow personally, and to help others grow.”

What do you love about working for Arcadis?
“No easy assignment comes to our door, so there is a lot of variety in our work, and it is challenging. From bridges to buildings and everything in between, it makes every day different.”

How does Arcadis help your professional development?
“My role has opened up doors for me and allowed me to get involved with the firm’s overall strategy. I’ve been able to collaborate with colleagues across the US, as well as places like London and Amsterdam.”

How do you see Arcadis values coming to life?
“I’m an operations manager at a point in my career where I get to supervise and mentor very talented junior people. I love to hear their ideas and witness their passion. It is also very gratifying to see their growth and know I had a part in that.”

What are the 3 favorite projects you have worked on?

  1. 1.  On-Call Claims for a state transportation department
  2. “After 18 years working with the department, I am not only helping a client, but a friend. I get to use my construction field experience for real-time problem solving by being on-call for dispute resolution services.”

  3. 2. Litigation Support Services for the state law department.
  4. “This is such a great and gracious client. They really appreciate our work. I love that the work is usually big, hig-profile and complicated. I’m proud that our team has never missed a deadline for them.”

  5. 3. Major access road, Alaska
  6. “This was a litigation-related project located on a remote island with about 700 habitants, about half way out in the Aleutian chain of islands in Alaska. There were issues related to site access, weather and the allowable blasting season because of bear denning. We visited the site, which was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.”

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