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Ravi Kumar

CAD Manager - Bangalore

Working for an organization that strives to improve quality of life for people around the world motivates Ravi Kumar on a daily basis. Over the five years that he has been with Arcadis, he has honed his engineering skills and knowledge to contribute to the wide range of projects with which he is involved. 

“I am very passionate about the work that Arcadis does. It’s great to be part of a company that has such strong values.”

What do you love about working for Arcadis?

I love working with different people from all parts of the globe. It’s a great opportunity to learn from each other and experience other ways of doing things. We have a very open and approachable work environment, which makes the day to day work experience very enjoyable.

How does Arcadis inspire you as a professional?

Being surrounded by highly talented professionals who are experts in their respective fields encourages me to work to the very best of my abilities. Being able to contribute to our collective efforts on projects around the world is really inspiring.

How do you see the Arcadis values coming to life?

I work for an organization which is committed to improving the living standards of living for people all over the world.

Three favourite projects and why?

Tender design for Network Rail’s Control Period 5 (CP5) Framework

I was involved in tender design of the ramps and tunnel at Farnworth Station in BIM. It was very pleasing that the outcome was so well received by the client.

Western Outer Track Infrastructure  

The challenge presented to me and my team was to rebuild two existing bridges where the 2D drawings were composed from the 3D Model. I had an opportunity to perform different roles on the project enhancing both my technical and my management skills

Great Western Route Modernization

Being part of the modernization of this iconic railway was a great experience. It involved 3D modelling several bridges along the route as well as generating drawings from the 3D model. The experience has exposed me to new design, drawing techniques, standards and procedures.