• Resilience to Recovery

Zandvoort Real Traffic Monitoring Dashboard

With the summer weather and easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the popular seaside town and beach of Zandvoort needed help managing the rising numbers of visitors. Designing for social distancing measures were part of this mix.

Among the first steps in the project, Arcadis helped to measure and analyze road traffic volumes and then explored ways to safely accommodate the influx of visitors, particularly in the town center and beach. The inflow of traffic was regulated by an active communication strategy - including social media, variable-message signs and, as a last resort, closing the roads to Zandvoort for beach visitors.

As support for the decision making for the local safety staff (with police and local government, supported by Arcadis), Arcadis developed a real-time, digital, traffic-management dashboard to monitor road traffic coming in and out of the town. By monitoring the volumes of traffic and peak travel times (and comparing them with historical patterns), measures were used to safely move traffic in and out of town.

Arcadis also helped with zoning to guide pedestrians while maintaining social distancing, create extra space for restaurants during busy days and a crowd-management solution for the train station at the end of the day.

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