The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are our best opportunity to address pressing issues such as poverty, climate change, resource scarcity, as well as gender and economic inequality. In 2018, we performed a high-level analysis and found that around 80% of our projects contribute to the SDGs in a positive way. Our focus on the SDGs stems from our ambition to improve to quality of life in everything that we do. Our contributions are centered around five SDGs in particular:

SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation

Through our wealth of experience in the water sector, Arcadis’ specialist teams of engineers, scientists and consultants are uniquely positioned to provide safe and secure water technology. Our solutions help our clients reduce, reuse and recycle water, saving them costs and reducing their negative impact on the environment. Our focus is on the entire water cycle - from source to tap and then back to nature. Our leading practices in water supply and treatment, conveyance, water resource management, and industrial water, including water reuse, provide a strong contribution to this goal.

Download the circular water management guide we developed with WBCSD

SDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Arcadis contributes to the delivery of major public transportation systems around the world. These solutions improve urban quality of life by reducing car traffic and improving urban accessibility. Through our consulting and design activities, we support clients in developing innovative and sustainable infrastructure solutions for transportation, water, waste and energy. In many of our industrial projects we increasingly embed carbon considerations in the choice of materials. We also assist our clients in reducing their carbon output and other waste streams in existing industrial activity.

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Download our Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Cities are at the center of the work we do. Within the Arcadis Global Cities program, we have seen a strong increase in demand for resiliency, or, the ability of cities to recover quickly after shocking events. We have developed a five-step resilience pathway. This approach helps cities make informed choices for their investments and helps them focus on the priorities that best support sustainable urban development. We also offer an array of solutions and services that improve quality of life for citizens in urban environments.

Learn how we are making the city of Wuhan more water resilient

Learn how were helping NY City reduce road traffic emissions

Download our 2018 Sustainable Cities Index

SDG 13: Climate action

Arcadis has carbon reduction strategies in place for our own operations, but we recognize that we can make an even greater contribution by helping our clients reduce their carbon emissions. We develop carbon footprint reduction strategies for our clients and actively participate and contribute to the WBCSD programs on climate change. We also assist clients in dealing with the effects of climate change through supply chain resiliency solutions and in urban settings through our flood protection design work.

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SDG 15: Life on land

Arcadis has played an active role in the development of the Natural Capital Protocol and now advises clients in developing a solid understanding of the ways they and their value chains are dependent on natural capital. We also assist these clients in developing strategies to reduce their impact on natural capital, for instance by enhancing biodiversity. We help clients limit the risks caused by their dependence on the natural world. In our own operations, we aim to limit our negative impact on the environment, while enabling developments in the most sustainable and resilient way.

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