Moorebank Logistics Park

The next generation of low-emission transport and freight facilities

Our client’s challenge

Qube Holdings, Australia’s largest logistics provider, was looking to build a new logistics facility to drive their business forward over the next decades. But facilities built on the massive scale of the logistics park they were contemplating all too often have huge negative effects on the surrounding environment.  Qube Holdings needed expert advice on the best way to construct a sprawling logistics facility, with minimal negative impacts on the environment. They also needed these plans developed on a tight timeframe, while minimizing costs. And that’s exactly what we provided.

The solution

Our people prepared a comprehensive sustainability strategy for the Moorebank Logistics Park (MLP), which included a range of carbon reduction measures across the 850,000 square meter import-export terminal. We investigated ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the construction and on-going operations of the facility. We quantified emissions from the use of electricity and fuel, and identified many energy efficiency measures, including a precinct-wide, solar photovoltaic solution. We also built a carbon emissions model, which was used to clearly demonstrate the environmental benefits of transporting freight via rail instead of via trucks on roads. Additionally, our experts devised long-term carbon reduction innovations such as the use of electric forklifts, instead of diesel, and harnessing the regenerative power of cranes used at the MLP.

The impact

Arcadis’ sustainability strategy for the MLP is a leading example of how embedding sustainability into the design projects can create significant environmental and financial benefits. As a result, the MLP will cut freight truck emissions by more than 110,000 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent of burning 52,000 tons of coal. The overall carbon impact of MLP will be the equivalent of removing around 11,000 vehicles from  the road for an entire year.  Our work also helped support our client in securing 150 million dollars (AUD) in financing, form the Australian Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which described the MLP as a model “…for the next generation in low emissions transport and freight facilities.”

Improving quality of life

Our innovative sustainability strategy efforts allowed our client to build a cutting-edge logistics park, which handles 1.05 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) of import-export freight and half a million TEU of interstate freight each a year. We improved quality of life by significantly reducing emissions in the construction of the park and in on-going operations, by considerably decreasing truck transport on local roads. Our experts also helped demonstrate that the sustainability initiatives would result in fewer carbon emissions being produced, by building the facility, than by not building the MLP. More than 6800 people are employed at the MLP, which has also given the region an economic boost.

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