Annual Report 2016

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Message from the CEO

2016: A Year of Transition

At a performance level, many of the economic issues we faced in 2015 continued to impact our results throughout the year. The deep recession in Brazil in particular impacted our revenues and profitability, and our North America business faced intense competition and changing business dynamics driven by low oil and gas prices. In the Middle East lower energy prices continued to cause clients to postpone investments, while demand also slowed in parts of Asia. Brexit in the UK has led to delayed investments in the building sector, but our infrastructure business continues to grow there. Our UK and Australian businesses did well in 2016, and, together with Continental Europe, continued to deliver organic revenue growth.

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Our Value Creation Model

Using all resources wisely, we create value for our employees, investors, clients and society. The value creation process is underpinned by shared values.

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The Arcadis way of working

Focusing on six building blocks

We are implementing harmonized business processes and systems around the world to create a global way of working. The Arcadis Way is our initiative to enable people to provide superior value to clients, realize their potential and work jointly towards common goals, based on shared values.

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