10 groundbreaking ideas that will shape the future of cities

Downtown.AI (Canada)

Analyze, Map and Predict Human Movements in Cities.

ISeeChange (US)

Mobilizing communities to provide valuable insight and micro-data about climate impacts.

Crea.Vision (UK & Canada)

Long Range Computer Vision platform.

Yellowbox (Australia)

A network of on demand smart-lockers accessed via mobile.

Data for Good (Netherlands)

Organizing the world's verified impact data and make it globally accessible and understandable for everyone to enable data-driven decision making.

Cobalt Global Water (US)

AI & machine learning for sustainable urban water management.

Niricson Software (Canada)

Bringing Digital Revolution to Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Risk Management.

Agilicity (Slovenia)

Improving the way we create our cities.

geoFluxus (Netherlands)

We map waste.

PropFolio (UK)

Management & Visualization Tool for Real Estate Assets.

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