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Arcadis is excited to engage with Techstars, a global business accelerator network to identify and develop innovative startups to transform the natural and built environment. This is part of our long-term vision around digital development. The theme “City of 2030” of the accelerator relates to the fact that in the next decade, the vast majority of people will live in cities. We believe in the creativity of startups and working with them is a logical consequence of our strategy, as well as an important element in our transformation towards digital leadership in the urban environment of the future.

We have to establish both internal and external initiatives to identify and carefully grow ‘the new’. We are serious about being a digital frontrunner in our industry and therefore we have to develop certain value propositions ourselves, as well as co-create and buy into what happens at the frontier through early stage ventures.

Raquel Polo
Global Director Ecosystems and Strategic Partnerships


Tapping into the power of startups

In the ‘Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars’ program, 10 start-ups are selected to work with the program team during a three-month program in office space provided by Arcadis in Amsterdam. The companies will get support from industry mentors to swiftly grow their business, fine tune products and business development efforts, build relevant networks, and develop client connections and industry insights. Lessons learned from this process will also be brought back into Arcadis to help the organization ‘innovate outside the fence’ and bring the very latest innovations to our clients.

The early-stage startups will develop ideas around city-related themes such as urban planning, mobility, resiliency, citizen-city engagement, housing shortages, field collaboration, and workplace wellness. The core technology of their various solutions include artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, parametric design software, task management software, and GIS.

The 'Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars' Year 2 kicks off

The 10 innovative startups in this year’s accelerator program are as follows:

Niricson Software (Canada)

Helping infrastructure owners maintain their assets cost effectively using Predictive Analytics.

ISeeChange (United States)

Mobilizing communities to provide valuable insight and micro-data about climate impacts.

Crea.Vision (UK & Canada)

Crea.vision technology maximises the potential of computer vision and AI, creating a myriad of applications for enterprises.

PropFolio (UK)

PropFolio will provide an asset management visualisation tool for real estate professionals, developed by real estate professionals.

Data for Good (Netherlands)

Data for Good is an online platform where people can report on sustainability performance of products, companies and geographical areas, storing data to be used for rating and analytics.

Agilicity (Slovenia)

We have developed parametric urban design software and a novel interactive 3D zoning method, which speeds up the workflow and makes urban planning and design process more transparent.

Downtown.AI (Canada)

Downtown.AI leverages machine learning and big location data to analyze and predict human movements in cities.

geoFluxus (Netherlands)

An open-source platform for mapping public waste data as the essential trigger for a Circular Economy.

Yellowbox (Australia)

5 million people walk past a Yellowbox every year with our current network in nightclubs, beaches, and convenience stores in Sydney. We now want to expand into major shopping centres, train stations, and airports across Europe. We give yellow boxes for free to properties plus a revenue share, and charge users an hourly rate for storage.

Cobalt Global Water (United States)

Cobalt Water Global specializes in sustainable water management and development in cities. We leverage our deep knowledge of both urban water systems and AI to help water utilities, industries, and buildings take Climate Action through smarter and more sustainable decisions for how they treat, transport, use, and reuse water in cities.

The Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars Class of 2019

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