Investor FAQs

  • What is Arcadis' long term strategy?

    Arcadis' sustainable growth | performance | collaboration strategy aims to leverage the power of our 28,000 talented and passionate people to better serve our clients.

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    for an overview of the long term strategy of Arcadis.

  • What are the financial targets of Arcadis?
    ARCADIS has formulated the following targets for the mid to long term:

    • Financial targets 2014 - 2016 Target
    • Organic revenue growth > 5% CAGR*
    • Inorganic revenue growth > 5% CAGR*
    • Operating EBITA margin > 11%
    • Free Cash Flow > Net Income
    • Return on invested capital > 13%

    All excluding currency effects
  • What is Arcadis' dividend policy?

    Arcadis' dividend policy is to recommend payment of an annual dividend ranging from 30% to 40% of net income from operations.

  • How does Arcadis distribute its dividend?

    For 2014, Arcadis shareholders can elect to receive their dividend in cash or in stock.

  • How much dividend is paid over 2014?

    In the General Meeting of Arcadis on 13 May 2015 a dividend of € 0.60 per share was accepted, an increase of 5% over the prior year. The dividend reflects a payout of 40 % of net income from operations.

  • When will the dividend over 2014 be paid out?

    The dividend was paid on June 3, 2015. The ex-dividend quotation was on May 15, 2015.

  • Who are Arcadis' major shareholders?
    The following shareholders are known through the notifications we receive under the Disclosure of Major Holdings in Listed Companies Act:

    • Stichting Lovinklaan 17.2%
    • APG Asset Management 5.5%
    • Vereniging KNHM 4.15%
  • Which financial service providers have issued research reports of Arcadis?
    The following financial service providers have issued research reports:

    KeplerCheuvreux; ING; KBC; Kempen&Co.; Petercam; Rabo Securities; SNS-Securities; Theodoor Gilissen;ABN Amro.

  • How can I exercise my voting rights without attending the General Meeting of Shareholders?
  • Where can I get Arcadis' stock price information?
    You can find the current stock price at NYSE Euronext on our Investors site, and on this page you can also get access to historical stock price information.
  • How is Arcadis' stock price developing compared to peers?

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    to follow the performance of Arcadis share and compare it to companies in the peer group.

  • How many Arcadis' shares are outstanding as at December 31, 2014?
    The number of outstanding shares is 82.0 million.
  • What is Arcadis' depositary bank in the United States?

    Arcadis' depositary bank in the United States is the Bank of New York Mellon. The Bank of New York Mellon is responsible for dividend payments, distribution of Annual and Quarterly reports, and any change in your share ownership.

  • How can foreign investors claim refund or relief of Netherlands dividend tax?
    Below are application forms you may use for refund or relief of Netherlands tax dividend. These are only provided as a service to our shareholders . Please contact your local broker for more information.

    • Form IB 96 USA
    • Form IB 95 USA
    • Form IB 92 USA
    • Formule IB 95 FRA
    • Formule IB 92 BEL
    • Formulare IB 92 BRD
  • Where can I obtain the latest financial information about Arcadis?
    You can view the latest financial reports and presentations on the pages Publications & Presentations Download Center. You can also order printed financial reports by filling out your data on our order form and you can find the latest financial press releases in our
    press room. You can also subscribe to our email alert service.
  • Where can I get company historical information?

    You can find information back to 2005 on the page Publications & Presentations. You can also order company historical information by filling out the questions/remarks section at the order form or view the press releases in the archive.

  • How many times a year does Arcadis issue its results?

    To emphasize its focus on the long-term, Arcadis has decided that, from 2014 onwards, it will release a quarterly trading statement for the first and third quarters of the year, instead of a full set of financial results. Full and half year reporting remains unchanged. First and third quarter trading statements will provide at least gross and net revenue details for the quarter and year-to-date developments and will be accompanied by supporting commentary.  View the IR calendar for a full year's overview of earnings releases.

  • What is Arcadis' fiscal year?

    Arcadis' fiscal year ends at December 31 of each calendar year. The first quarter ends at March 31st, the second at June 30 and the third quarter at September 30.

  • Who is Arcadis' independent auditor?

    Arcadis' auditor is PriceWaterhouseCoopers Accountants N.V. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • Under which ticker symbol is Arcadis quoted at the stock exchange?
    • ARCAD = Euronext Amsterdam
    • ARDS = Chi-x Europe
    • ARCVF = Euronext Amsterdam held in the US
    • ARCAY = Pink Sheets
  • What are Arcadis' codes?
    • ARCAD.NA = Bloomberg
    • 03923E 10 7 = Cusip
    • ARDS.AS = Reuters
    • 469310 = Sedol
    • ARCAF = Standard & Poors
  • Does Arcadis have an e-mail feedback for IR-related questions?
    Yes, you can send an e-mail to the investor relations department, or contact our Director of Investor Relations Jurgen Pullens at +31 202011083 or +31 651599483 (mobile) ) or our Investor Relations Officer Stefan van Buuren at +31 202011083 or +31629508527 (mobile).
  • How can I obtain a copy of the Annual Report?
    You can download a pdf-file from the front page of the investor relations section of the website.  The report is no longer printed.
  • What does sustainability mean to Arcadis?
    Preserving resources and quality of life for future generations is of paramount importance, which is why sustainability is integrated in everything we do. With our specialized environmental capabilities and recognition as a global leader in this field, we are well positioned to evaluate the environmental impact of projects and advise on appropriate mitigation measures. This we believe is consistent with the aspirations and expectations of our people, our clients and our shareholders.
  • How is Arcadis engaged in sustainable activities?
    Please refer to our Sustainability section in the Business Review section of the Annual Report.